Ex-executives from one of the most profitable industries have launched this game changing product and it’s getting Wall Street’s attention…

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9:45pm 5/2/2022

Meet the Emerging Company aiming to become a national-scale brand in the tobacco alternatives industry!

The brand name “TAAT®” is now a registered trademark in the United States, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Israel, India, and Mexico!

Under Leadership with “Big Tobacco” Pedigree, TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) Has Launched a New Brand of Cigarettes and Products that are Set to Give Tobacco Industry Giants a Run for Their Money…


Smokers Around the World May Never Want to Smoke Any Other Cigarette Again.

Already Sold in More than 2,500 U.S. Stores in 31 States and counting.

TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. is NOT creating new smokers, but instead is giving existing tobacco smokers the choice to leave nicotine behind all while keeping the experiences that they love.

TAAT® Agreement to Acquire Ohio-Based Tobacco Distributor Becomes Definitive!

One of the biggest developments TAAT has recently had is the company’s agreement to acquire HLND Holdings, Inc. (“HLND”), which is to become the Company’s in-house distribution arm for the north-central region of the United States starting this year.

Things are now moving forward as the agreement has become definitive!

Why does this matter?

Through the acquisition of HLND, TAAT® will obtain access to a network of more than 5,000 convenience stores in and around Ohio through a combination of direct and indirect relationships!

This means TAAT will be just shy of $100M in top line revenue!

It also means that the company could experience major advantages having their own in-house distribution. The agreement could additionally help the company with any new SKUs that may be picked up with IMMEDIATE widespread distribution opportunities through HLND!


Ex-executives from the biggest tobacco companies, including ex-Philip Morris lead strategist Setti Coscarella, left “Big Tobacco” and launched a revolutionary new cigarette called:

TAAT is set to turn the global tobacco arena on its head!


The company is positioned to capture a massive market share of the tobacco industry with the launch of nicotine and tobacco free TAAT cigarettes in “Original," "Smooth," and “Menthol” varieties!

Through an innovative patent pending process, TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. offers an experience that is engineered to closely replicate each and every sensory element of smoking a tobacco cigarette.


Patent protection has already been filed for the revolutionary refinement technique which causes Beyond Tobacco™ to taste and smell similarly to tobacco. The company has made several notable accomplishments this last year with respect to the multinational commercialization of its TAAT™ Original, Smooth, and Menthol cigarettes. This includes the recruitment of experienced management and advisory team members, continued product development of both TAAT™ and its Beyond Tobacco™ base material, and attention.

Patent protection has already been filed for the revolutionary refinement technique which causes the company’s Beyond Tobacco™ to taste and smell similarly to tobacco.

The Company has confirmed that at least 2,500 stores in the United States are currently selling TAAT™ Original, Smooth, and Menthol at retail and has updated the TryTAAT store locator (https://trytaat.com/pages/sca-store-locator) to reflect the latest known U.S. store locations as of January 2022.


This may still only be the beginning…

And only ONE reason why (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) should be high on your radar right now!

“We are thrilled with the year we had in 2021 as we continued to form relationships with wholesalers both domestically and internationally, while establishing a presence at the same high-profile trade shows where major tobacco firms exhibit, and further optimizing our operations to facilitate long-term growth. During the calendar year 2021 TAAT™ also made several notable accomplishments in the capital markets, including our fifth consecutive quarter in the CSE Composite and CSE25™ indices and an upgrade to the OTCQX® Best Market in the United States.”

—  TAAT™ Chief Executive Officer Setti Coscarella



  • Key players from leading tobacco companies are leading the company's mission including CEO Setti Coscarella, an ex-Philip Morris lead strategist and CRO Tim Corkcum, a former executive with 20+ years working for PMI!
  • During its first full calendar year of operations in 2021, the company launched TAAT™ all over the United States at retail as well as online through e-commerce, in addition to gaining store placements in the United Kingdom in Greater London.
  • It was last November that the first commercial order of TAAT™ was also confirmed for Austria.
  • The Company has significantly scaled its capacity for manufacturing the Beyond Tobacco™ base material of TAAT™, which it has configured in anticipation of new market launches to take place globally this year.
  • TAAT products are represented by CROSSMARK, Inc., which was a major driving force for JUUL, helping to lead the company to a buyout from Altria for a staggering $38 billion!
  • The current U.S. store count is at least 2,500 TAAT™ retailers and this does not include establishments that have purchased TAAT™ on a wholesale basis through channels that do not supply retailer account data (e.g., select distributors who choose not to report such information, “cash-and-carry” warehouses that do not capture purchaser details). As such, the Company’s overall footprint in the United States is believed to be larger than the 2,500!
  • The Company has added an average of approximately 45 new U.S. stores per week in 2022!
  • During its fiscal first quarter of 2022 (November 1, 2021 through January 31, 2022) approximately 48% of its overall sales volume in the United States is derived from wholesale reorders made by existing accounts!
  • Revenues are skyrocketing! In Q3 2021, gross revenue grew to an all-time high of $1,305,358, an increase of 1,956% from the same period in the prior year, and an increase of 88.77% from the previous quarter!
  • By the end of 2022, TAAT® plans to launch a heat-not-burn offering in the United States. In April 2022 the Company received its first batch of commercial samples for the heatable sticks, which it has recently evaluated in-house to adjust the base material formulation in order to align the flavour of the sticks with the existing range of TAAT® combustible products. In addition to heatable sticks, the heat-not-burn device shown above will also be sold under the TAAT® brand name.

Undiscovered small-cap company TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) is positioning TAAT™ as a direct competitor to leading tobacco brands and could capture major attention in 2022!

Greetings Investors,

Millions of people want to quit smoking which has created a lucrative market opportunity.

Many traditional tobacco companies however are too busy focusing their efforts on less harmful forms of tobacco to keep the tobacco industry thriving.

TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) on the other hand is targeting in on that huge market that wants to leave nicotine and tobacco completely behind!

The company has created a patent-pending refinement technique for the base material of its TAAT cigarettes called Beyond Tobacco™ that has similar properties to actual tobacco such as the volume of smoke and “crackling” sound resulting from combustion, as well as a tobacco-like taste and smell.

But there is NO tobacco or nicotine which means smokers get the same enjoyable smoking experience as they would with tobacco, but without the harmful effects.

TAATs are plant-based and provide a smoking experience just like the one smokers are used to from tobacco cigarettes.

With over 1+ billion smokers across the globe and most of them looking to quit, TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) has a product that could soon become a household name!

5 Reasons Why TAATs are Better Than Traditional Cigarettes

#1 TAATS ARE NON-ADDICTIVE - TAATs are made with ZERO tobacco and ZERO nicotine. Since there is zero nicotine, you do not get the same continual cravings from a tobacco cigarette. TAATs are a great way to help you reduce your dependency on nicotine. Users can enjoy their smoking rituals without the tread of nicotine addiction.

#2 TAATS ARE SO MUCH CHEAPER - Depending on which US state you live in, annual tobacco costs can vary greatly from as low as $5.25 per pack up to a whopping $10.67 per pack in New York state. The average cigarette pack costs $6.28 per pack or $2,292 per year. Over 20 years, this turns into about $200,000. Of course, this does not account for extra health costs from tobacco-related illnesses, which turns this habit into a lifetime cost of over $1.4 million due to health-related costs, pack costs and lost opportunity costs. TAATs are up to 50% cheaper per pack!

#3 HEMP-BASED BENEFITS - The natural benefits of smoking hemp products are derived from CBD and other minor cannabinoid compounds within the product. The full range of potential benefits is still being clinically studied. The number one benefit of hemp-based TAATs is simply being able to go Beyond Tobacco with a product that has ZERO nicotine dependency.

#4 KEEP YOUR RITUALS - One of the hardest issues besides nicotine addiction that tobacco smokers have a hard time dealing with when attempting to cut back or switch to a different product, such as vape products, is missing their smoking rituals. With TAATs you have the freedom to enjoy your rituals and still enjoy a smokable product that is non-addictive.

#5 BUY ONLINE! – The company offers online shopping with free shipping to you; conditions apply. Create an account and have your favorite sent directly to your home. Ready to try TAATs? https://trytaat.myshopify.com/account/register to get your first FREE PACK >


In January 2022, TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) conducted an emissions study of its Original, Smooth, and Menthol varieties under the leadership of its Chief Science Officer Dr. Cindy Orser, comparing the products to popular brands of tobacco cigarettes.

With over 20 patents, a tenured professor position at the University of Idaho, and experience in areas such as biodefense, diagnostics, and agriculture, Dr. Orser’s unique scope of experience has been instrumental to the ongoing development of TAAT™ and Beyond Tobacco™ as the Company continues to launch its products in new global markets in 2022.

The graphic below displays summarized findings with respect to select attributes that were examined:


Under the executive leadership of Setti Coscarella, whose career in the tobacco industry included the commercialization of alternatives to tobacco cigarettes known as reduced-risk products (“RRPs”), TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) has curated a nationwide network of distributors while concurrently establishing a robust and scalable supply chain for manufacturing TAAT™ in commercial quantities, including in-house production of the Beyond Tobacco™ base material!

Mr. Coscarella brings a wealth of knowledge across a variety of disciplines to TAAT™. Building upon experience in investment banking, private equity, and entrepreneurship, he moved to the world of tobacco at Philip Morris International (“PMI”) in 2017 where he was a lead strategist for its Reduced-Risk Products (“RRP”) division.

While at PMI, Coscarella worked with thousands of individual smokers to better understand how to position smoking alternatives to them and developed programs that could help smokers discover and successfully convert to RRPs.

The Company believes that Coscarella’s experience with RRPs is especially relevant to Beyond Tobacco™ given their substantially similar target markets!

“Since we have been able to affirmatively verify the availability of TAAT™ in a minimum of 2,000 stores in the United States, we are pleased that we have managed to reach this milestone in just over one year of TAAT™ being on the market, and our objective is to build upon this success in 2022 and beyond as we set our sights on new markets globally.”

—  Setti Coscarella

What Exactly is Beyond Tobacco™?

Instead of tobacco, the base material of TAAT™ is a proprietary blend called Beyond Tobacco™, which is produced using a 14-step process to include a patent-pending refinement technique to create a taste and smell just like actual tobacco.


Current cigarette alternatives do not offer a comparable experience and many smokers were unable to adapt to vaping as the experience was too different from a traditional cigarette.


There is a massive addressable market for the company’s products!


TAAT products are represented by CROSSMARK, Inc.!

  • Large Texas-based sales agency holds relationships with more than 100,000 convenience stores, regional and national chains, wholesalers and distributors
  • Supports in-store acceptance, merchandizing and re-ordering of TAAT products
  • Extensive promotional, trade marketing and analytics support
  • Was a major driving force for JUUL, helping to lead the company to a buyout from Altria for a staggering $38 billion!


TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) has been on an aggressive mission to get recognized for its cutting-edge cigarette.

For example, TAAT Sponsored the Team of World Champion Boxer Floyd Mayweather for the June 6th 2021 Fight Against Logan Paul!

This sponsorship of Mr. Mayweather’s team placed the TAAT™ brand in front of the LARGEST AUDIENCE of an event for which the Company has been a sponsor to date!


The new TAAT facilities in Las Vegas, NV (pictured above) are now operational, providing the Company significant added capacity for several of its business functions to include manufacturing, research and development, sales, marketing, and order fulfillment.



  • TAAT™ sponsored the entourage of world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather in his June 6, 2021 fight, whose TAAT™ logo headwear appeared on pay-per-view and television broadcasts globally before, during, and after the match!
  • A follow-on private placement in TAAT™ for CAD $10 million was made by a group of venture investors last year led by Ms. Debbie Chang (co-founder of Horizons Ventures) in her personal capacity. She has now made TWO blockbuster investments now into the company.
  • In response to the Biden Administration’s plans to cap nicotine content in cigarettes in the U.S., TAAT™ has launched its Beyond Nicotine™ initiative. Many smokers may have no choice but to leave nicotine behind now!
  • This year the company will begin a multistate billboard advertising campaign as part of national-scale initiatives to build upon the existing presence of TAAT™ across the country by raising general awareness of TAAT™ among consumers. The company has engaged one of the largest wholesalers of billboards across the United States, providing crucial advertising space to several prominent commercial accounts!
  • The company has taken measures to integrate marketing programs in parallel with its nationwide store placements to include billboards located near Nevada locations of a U.S. gas station chain, an incentive strategy for chain retailers to convert TAAT™ sample recipients into first-time purchasers of a full pack.
  • The company has fulfilled purchase orders for an initial supply of TAAT® Original, Smooth, and Menthol (along with countertop and point-of-sale promotional materials) for 23 franchised convenience stores that are part of a global convenience chain with over 70,000 stores worldwide and over 9,300 stores in the United States!
  • The company has launched “TAAT® Nation” as an initiative for driving continued engagement among established users of TAAT® products.


MAJOR Recent Developments

TAAT™ Begins Development of a “Heat-Not-Burn” Offering with a U.S. Subsidiary of Shanghai Shunho New Materials Technology

The company has entered into a letter of intent with a U.S. subsidiary of Shanghai Shunho New Materials Technology Co. (Shenzhen: 002565) to undertake development work for a white-labelled “heat-not-burn” device as well as heatable sticks containing TAAT™’s proprietary tobacco-free and nicotine-free Beyond Tobacco™ material in all three flavours (Original, Smooth, and Menthol).

Heat-not-burn tobacco products first became commercially available in the 2010s as an alternative to combustible tobacco cigarettes, addressing many of the weaknesses of e-cigarettes which deliver nicotine through vapour instead of smoke.

As heat-not-burn has proven to retain users exceptionally well compared to other tobacco cigarette alternatives, TAAT™ has identified the opportunity to build upon its existing international market share in the tobacco industry by planning an expansion into the heat-not-burn category with a tobacco-free and nicotine-free offering that would be among the first of its kind in the United States.

In addition to procuring heatable TAAT™ sticks made using the Company’s Beyond Tobacco™ material, Shunho’s U.S. subsidiary is to supply a proprietary heat-not-burn device on a “white-label” basis, which is to be commercialized in the United States under the TAAT™ brand name.

Development of TAAT® Heat-Not-Burn Offering Advances with Completion of First Commercial Sample Batch!

In a press release dated February 18, 2022, the Company announced it had commenced the development of a TAAT® heat-not-burn device and heatable sticks to complement its flagship combustible product.

Following an initial assessment of the commercial samples of the heatable TAAT® sticks, the Company is making minor adjustments to the base material used for this product category to optimally align with the latest flavour profile of TAAT® combustible products.

The TAAT® heat-not-burn offering will consist of a reusable device (pictured above) that is reverse-compatible with heated tobacco sticks offered by the Company’s competitors, as well as TAAT® heatable sticks in Original and Menthol flavours.

The hardware and heatable sticks will be marketed and sold under the TAAT® brand name in the United States starting in either Q3 or Q4 2022.

By providing an additional nicotine-free and tobacco-free alternative to popular tobacco products, TAAT Global believes it can further expand its existing market share in the global tobacco industry.

TAAT® Obtains Registered Trademark Status in Eight Global Markets

As of the fourth week of March 2022, the TAAT® brand name is now a registered trademark in the following global markets:

TAAT™ Secures Chainwide U.S. Gas Station Placement with Integrated Regional Marketing Program

TAAT™ Original, Smooth, and Menthol are now carried among existing tobacco cigarette offerings in all Speedee Mart gas stations in the state of Nevada. Established in 1995, Speedee Mart’s Nevada locations are situated across the Las Vegas Valley in locales to include Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Henderson, operating under several national convenience chain banners.

SECOND Major BLOCKBUSTER Investment into TAAT Global by a Major Investment Powerhouse!

Horizon’s cofounder Debbie Chang made its SECOND major blockbuster investment into TAAT Global!

TAAT announced that it has closed an additional private placement of CAD $10,000,000 with subscribers to the Placement consisting of a group of venture investors led by Ms. Debbie Chang, co-founder of Horizons Ventures.

So, what does this all mean?

The Company plans to use the proceeds of the Placement to further expand its manufacturing resources and to continue its strategic marketing and brand-building initiatives towards smokers aged 21+ to grow and sustain awareness of TAAT™ as a unique nicotine-free alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Moreover, the Company plans to use proceeds from the Placement to begin exploring potential expansions into Asian markets as part of its sustained relationship with Ms. Debbie Chang!

This is a wonderful validation for such a prolific investor to be on board…

TAAT™ Becomes an Official Supplier of H.T. Hackney, One of the Largest U.S. Wholesale Distributors

The company has become an official supplier of the H.T. Hackney Company (“H.T. Hackney”), who is one of the largest U.S. wholesale distributors with revenues of USD $3.9 billion1 and a network of more than 20,000 retail locations in 22 states.

TAAT™ and H.T. Hackney are presently coordinating in-store activation strategies with an objective of converting smokers aged 21+ from purchasing tobacco cigarettes to purchasing TAAT™ Original, Smooth, or Menthol instead at Par Mar Stores.

Throughout late 2021, TAAT™ also announced new distributor relationships in California as well as multiple markets in the northeastern United States.

The Company has specifically focused on its relationships with “cash-and-carry” distributors; a key supplier channel for independent retailers in which inventory can be purchased on a wholesale basis in a self-service “warehouse” format that is similar to membership-based retail warehouses such as Costco.

According to 2021 data from the National Association of Convenience Stores (“NACS”), over 92,000 of the 150,274 convenience stores in the United States are run by “single-store operators1”, and the Company believes the presence of TAAT™ in cash-and-carry warehouses has contributed to its ability to rapidly penetrate this segment of retailers.

“Viva TAAT™ Vegas”: TAAT™ Secures First Store Placement on the Las Vegas Strip, across from the Bellagio

TAAT™ Original, Smooth, and Menthol are now available for purchase by smokers aged 21+ in Viva Vegas Gifts on the Las Vegas Strip, located directly across Las Vegas Boulevard from the iconic Bellagio casino resort.

Releasing Branded Merchandise Line of Apparel and Accessories in Q1 2022

The Company plans to begin offering a range of branded TAAT™ merchandise starting in Q1 2022. Goods such as apparel, ashtrays, carrier bags, and reusable water bottles will be available for smokers aged 21+ in the United States to purchase on TryTAAT (http://trytaat.com) beginning in Q1 2022.


TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) is a “Tobacco Disruptor” positioned to capture a significant share of the $800B+ tobacco market across the world!

Over the past year, TAAT™ Chief Executive Officer Setti Coscarella has taken an interdisciplinary approach to developing, manufacturing, and commercializing TAAT™ as a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes for smokers aged 21+.

The company has grown steadily over the course of 2021 and diligently coordinated strategic launches in a wide range of markets both domestic and international.

Revenues are now rocketing!

While many of the world’s 1.3 billion tobacco users actively seek alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, virtually ALL mass-market alternatives contain nicotine.

TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) believes the similarity of its product to tobacco but with the absence of tobacco and nicotine, can result in strong user retention for long-term positive change!

The fact that Mike Saxon, a former Growth strategist for Altria, has also joined TAAT’s advisory board may scream in volumes about what the future may bring…

“The past year has been a great pleasure, and I could not be more excited for the path forward as we work towards building an even bigger footprint in the tobacco industry.”

—  Setti Coscarella

TAAT Global Alternatives Inc. (OTC: TOBAF | CSE: TAAT) may soon be on its way to becoming a recognized brand across the globe!

Hurry and start your research!


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