As the Global Appetite for Plant Based Meat Continues to Grow, Modern Meat (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) is One of the Hottest Stocks Riding the Vegan Wave!

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10:15 12/18/2020

The Top 5 Reasons to Be Paying Close Attention to Modern Meat Right Now!
  1. Plant-based foods have become a solid growth industry. As the vegan revolution continues to boom, stocks within the space are poised for big moves including Modern Meat (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) which may be one of the hottest ground-floor situations flying under the radar!

  2. The company is an award winning plant-based meat producer that has developed an evolving portfolio of vegan products including the Modern Burger, Crumble, Meatball, 'Crab' Cake and sauces. The Modern Burger already outranks its top competitors in natural ingredients!

  3. Plant-based food is the future of eating. Investors are trying to find favorable evaluations for the Tesla and Apple of the vegan industry. Beyond Meat shares have nearly quadrupled this year to nearly $200 a share. Modern Meat (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) is currently under $5. It is seeking to create shareholder value with the implementation of its exciting growth plan

  4. The company has recognized a huge gap in the plant-based market for nutritious and satisfying meat that does NOT contain GMOs.This could quickly separate Modern Meat (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) from competitors and help it stake a big claim in meat-free market!

  5. With an expanded distribution of its products to an array of restaurants and grocery retailers throughout Western Canada, the company is quickly starting to get noticed. Modern Meat (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) is aiming to become a leader in the space and grow its retail presence in both Canada and the United States. Modern Meat (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) is starting to execute on its growth and is targeting rapid sales growth

Modern Meat Announces Launching into the Multi Billion Dollar Dairy Alternative Market with its Line of Oat M*lk, Almond M*lk, and a Barista Edition
(Released December 24, 2020)

We Are in a Plant-based Meat Revolution and Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) is Aiming to Become a Household Name in It!

Investors should take a closer look at Modern Meat (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF)

Greetings Investors,

The world is turning to a different comfort food: plant-based meat alternatives.

Big and small companies are jumping on the bandwagon to move to from traditional meat to plant-based foods in an effort to feed consumer demand and capitalize on a fast-growing new industry.

The global plant-based meat market is currently worth an estimated $12.1 billion and new research suggests that the market could grow to a staggering $74 billion by the year 2027.

This is colossal growth in just five years’ time!

There has been a major growth spurt for plant-based meats this year as consumers turned away from traditional meats during the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus has helped to fuel a healthy eating trend and consumers are now taking their health more seriously.

COVID-19 has been a big headache for the American meat industry.

The coronavirus has sickened and killed meat workers and restaurants have run out of meat as meat processing plants shut down. Even worse, farmers have had to euthanize hundreds and thousands of animals due to overcrowding.

According to a report conducted by Meticulous Research:

“[COVID-19] has led to some best practice models for plant-based products industry as the pandemic has conveyed to the forefront the connection between public health and animal meat consumption, which provides consumers a ground to go for a plant-based diet.”

Thanks in part to pandemic-driven disruptions of conventional meat processing, sales and interest in plant-based alternatives have really taken off!

Even before coronavirus hit, sales of plant-based meat products were growing exponentially as more consumers took an interest in their health and wanted to help climate change. Nielsen data found that before the pandemic, sales were up 30% over the same period a year earlier!

According to an article published by the Food Revolution Organization in 2018 , the number of vegans in the US had increased by 600% from 2015 to 2018 alone.

Peter Stevenson, from Compassion in World Farming has said: "A reduction in meat consumption is essential if we are to meet climate targets."

In the last year, substitutes made with plant-based protein have been appearing in fine-dining and fast-food restaurants and large meat companies have started producing them.

Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have exploded onto the scene and have radically transformed the global food system.

This year alone shares of Beyond Meat have soared from around $54 to nearly $200 a share.

From Dunkin' to Burger King, all kinds of restaurants and grocery stores are selling plant-based meat products.

This is now a global phenomenon and more of the world is expected to wake up and see how plant-based foods offer a healthier and more sustainable way of living!

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As demand continues for plant-based products, Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) is helping consumers conveniently move away from traditional meat without sacrificing taste!

Modern Meat (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) is currently under $5 but like many in the plant based meat alternative sector, it could achieve, HUGE growth like Beyond Meat that hit $200 in 2020

We are excited to introduce you to:

Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) is a plant-based meat alternative company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that is disrupting the food industry by providing a healthier, more sustainable alternative to traditional meat products.

Products are 100% plant-based and were created to fill the gap for those wanting a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing taste.

The company develops its products in a kitchen and not a lab, which really reflects the plant-based space and the growing movement of people who want to eat clean!

Modern Meat Announces Q1, 2021 Launch of Modern Meat Products in the United States
(Released December 19, 2020)

Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF)’s top chefs create selections of healthy, gourmet vegan options crafted only from natural ingredients. Products are Soy, Gluten, Nut, GMO-free, and are made with no artificial preservatives or additives.

Plant-based nutrition has been experiencing incredible growth due to consumer's dietary restrictions, sustainability concerns and changing taste preferences.

These shifting behaviors are influencing the food industry globally as witnessed by the adoption of meat alternative foods across all sectors, from large food manufactures to quick service restaurants.

"We see favorable growth ahead for the meat-free market and we are well-positioned to scale our production to meet the rising consumer demand. This is an exciting and pivotal time for Modern Meat as we aim to be a leader in this space by offering consumers nutrient-dense, low-fat, gourmet foods with authentic flavors.” -- CEO Tara Haddad

Haddad was recently featured in a Forbes article entitled “5 Ways to Disrupt an Industry” that mentions the CEO “taking on the silicon-backed giants Beyond Meats and Impossible foods to win over millions of conscious consumers at the supermarkets.”

In the article she states:

“Our long-term goal is to be a leader in the plant-based market, and our advantage is that we offer products that meet high standards in nutritional value. We will not put any product to market that doesn’t reach our benchmark levels in important nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber.”

“We have an aggressive sales and distribution plan which will see us rollout our core products throughout Canada and the US. Our aim is to introduce one new product each quarter to food service and retailers. This includes securing a production facility in California and partnering with a company for distribution throughout the U.S.”


Modern Crab Cakes - Crafted with vegetables, fresh herbs and lemon, these crab-less cakes offer a light and fresh flavour. Modern “Crab” Cakes are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. They look and cook like real crab cakes. Paired with the company’s Modern Tarragon Remoulade or with your favorite salad, they are a compliment to many recipes.

Modern Burger – The recipe for the MODERN BURGER was created using real whole foods, no GMOs, soy or gluten. By carefully selecting specific ingredients of vegetables, legumes, grains and spices, the company is able to design a plant-based patty that has the look, texture and satisfaction of a conventional meat burger. Locally made by top chefs, the MODERN BURGER is simply gourmet!

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Modern Crumble - The Eggplant Crumble is a perfect plant-based alternative to traditional ground beef. Eggplant, mushrooms and confit garlic give the crumble an earthy, umami flavor. Its application is perfect in classics like chili, Bolognese sauce or stews and is so versatile you will find countless ways to enjoy it. With the same depth of flavor and satisfying taste of the Modern Burger, the crumble’s versatility is what sets it apart.

Modern Meatballs - Inspired by the traditional Mediterranean meatball. Sundried tomatoes are soaked in a rich mushroom broth before being worked into the crumble along with aromatic Greek spices like cumin and fresh herbs. These Modern Meatballs are bold and loaded with protein to fuel your body. Enjoy them on their own or with our Lebanese garlic dipping sauce.

Modern Sauces – The company’s Chef’s signature sauces were created to compliment specific Modern Meat products. Pairing them elevates the culinary experience by adding complexity and an abundance of unique flavors.

Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) recognizes the dire need to move away from animal products due to the environmental and health implications.

Eating less meat or no meat is one of the easiest things we can do to live more ethically and be healthier!

  • Livestock farming contributes to land and water degradation, biodiversity loss, acid rain, coral reef degeneration and deforestation. It contributes 18% of human produced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide!
  • Meat farming requires a lot of land and water. Roughly 30% of the earth’s land surface is currently used for livestock farming. Since food, water and land are scarce in many parts of the world, this represents an inefficient use of resources.
  • Animals are suffering. Most meat is raised in a way that completely ignores animal welfare. This means animals are not given sufficient space to move around, contact with other animals, and access to the outdoors.
  • Did you know in the U.S., 80% of all antibiotics are consumed by the livestock industry ? Antibiotic resistance has become a big health problem and meat contributes to it. Plus, eating a lot of meat, especially processed and red meat, can lead to health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and various cancers.

Distribution and Partnerships

Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) has a distribution partnership with Grey Jay Sales and Distribution.

Under the agreement Grey Jay will market and distribute the line of Modern Meats plant-based meat products to retail partners across Ontario, Canada. The agreement is expected to have a major impact on the Company's direct store delivery and on-shelf availability in this market.

Grey Jay Sales and Distribution is one of Canadas premier food distributors focusing on the delivery of high quality local and specialty products to national food chains across Ontario. Grey Jay clients include globally revered brands such as Blue Diamond Almonds, Haribo, Olive Garden, Grimm's Fine Foods, Clif Bar, illy, and many more.

"We pride ourselves in representing brands that are innovative and offer something unique to our valued list of retailers. We feel that Modern Meat fills a gap that has not been claimed in the food market by focusing on high-quality ingredients that are vegan and "Good for You". Our retail partnerships include some of the largest grocery stores in Canada and our goal is to elevate the Modern Meat brand in this category.”

Laura Ender, CEO of Grey Jay

Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) has a partnership with Vancouver PR agency, Camber Communications to expand product and company awareness.

"With the successful launch of our meat alternative products into food service and retail grocery stores across British Columbia, Canada and our new e-commerce platform, a national marketing plan is the next step to fulfill our potential and expand our brand awareness. Engaging Camber Communications will enhance our Company's national profile and drive consumer sales of all our plant-based meat products.”

CEO Tara Haddad

New Manufacturing Facility

Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) has closed the acquisition of a new manufacturing facility in Vancouver, BC. The facility will allow the Company to quadruple its manufacturing footprint and significantly increase production capabilities as its line of plant-based products consistently sell out on a weekly basis.

The new production facility will support the Company’s aggressive expansion plans and will allow Modern Meat to significantly increase the volume of wholesale product to meet the growing popularity of the product and market demand. The facility will include a tasting area permitting food service tastings to test the viability of new products and advancement of existing products.

The Company is also investing in substantial machinery to expedite production efficiency and the kitchen will undertake improvements to fit its specific manufacturing process.

The Acquisition of Retail Channels

Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) has acquired 1257189 BC Ltd (the "Vendor"), which owns two of three Victoria's Health & Organic Bar Retail locations, both located in Vancouver, BC.

Victoria's Health & Organic Bar has been in business for 18 years and has gathered a significant following in the Health and "Good for You" Community. Last year's gross sales from all locations, including the third store in North Vancouver, BC, totaled approximately $4.3 million, focusing only on Health-related products!

Modern Meat intends to renovate and rebrand the acquired stores under the brand "Modern Health and Wellness Bar." Stores will be converted to focus solely on vegan products and supplements, in addition to a significant increase in food services serving premade meals and expansive to-go vegan menu.

"The acquisition of Victoria's is an opportunity that allows Modern Meat to build itself as a leader in the health and nutrition market. Adding our own retail locations to the fold is yet another milestone for the company.”

Tara Haddad, CEO

U.S. Expansion

Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) intends to expand into the US market and is evaluating a list of potential acquisition targets.

Since listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) the Company has been targeting strategic M&A opportunities, as well as internal growth expansion projects.

Modern Meat will specifically look to team-up with strong vegan brands that have a wide distribution network and management that aligns with the core principals of the Company. Expansion into the US will serve as the Company's first step into the international market, which is important for its successful growth!

"The United States market for meat substitute and vegan-labelled food products is witnessing strong year over year growth. As a lifestyle company focused on nutrition, health and wellness, we want to develop a strong pipeline of brand extensions and new products with the goal of carving out a niche for Modern Meat in the US vegan space."

CEO Tara Haddad

The company has closed an acquisition of brands from JDW Distributors LLC which completes the first step for a U.S. expansion!

Acquiring these brands from JDW will introduce a robust sales and distribution network.

JDW has been focused on selling healthy, gourmet foods for 16 years, starting their own line of vegan brands including the popular Snacks from the Sun® Popped Potato Crisps and Sunflower Chips and Sunsations® Fruit Jellies, the last three years. JDW's focus on health and quality ingredients aligns with the philosophy of Modern Meat.

Snacks from the Sun® Popped Potato Crisps are light and airy crisps made from all-natural potatoes, whole grains and seasonings, then popped. The chips are vegan and free of gluten, cholesterol, and saturated fat. These vegan snacks come in four different flavors: sour cream and onion, sea salt & cracked pepper, barbecue, and original sea salt. The brand was born in 2019 and now sells in over 5000 stores throughout the United States and Canada, at both food and non-food retailers.

Sunsations® are fruity vegan candies that are kosher and made free of gluten, fat and peanuts. Currently, Sunsations® come in six different flavours: Blueberry, Grape, Orange, Apple, Lemon, and Cherry. These individually wrapped treats are all natural and made of soft pectin, a healthy alternative to gelatin. Sunsations® can be found in over 2,500 stores across the US and Canada, in addition Sunsations® also offers a private label product that are currently selling across North America.

The company also has a co-packing agreement with Real Vision Foods, LLC ("Real Vision") of California as it seeks active growth opportunities in the United States to launch its portfolio of plant-based meat alternative products!

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Real Vision is a California based co-manufacturer with the capability of producing up to a wholesale value of $25 Million worth of total Modern Meat products per year through its facility!

Its management team has over 100 years of experience working with companies such as at General Mills, Pepsi and Yum Restaurants.

The principles have provided over 250 different SKU's to retail, mass merchandise & club store supply chain, with branded and private label applications in US and Canada.

"This marks a major milestone for our company as it has been long been a goal to produce and sell our products in the US. We are incredibly excited to launch out of California with an early adopter of plant based vegan alternatives. We feel that by moving to an established team of co-manufacturing, our company is likely to see significant growth in our revenues."

CEO Tara Haddad

The Massive Market

The company’s growth strategy remains a focus and continues to unfold through additional sales channels, a widening distribution network, and brand awareness.

According to a survey by Dalhousie University and University of Guelph, the number of Canadians questioning the role of meat in their diets has never been higher. More than half of Canadians are willing to cut back on meat and 20% of the population are either limiting the amount of meat they eat or cutting it out entirely. (Protein Wars and the Changing Canadian consumer, Charlebois, Somogyi, Music, 2018)

The plant-based trend is surging, and the food service channel and retailers are taking notice. In addition, COVID-19 has led to a significant increase in retail food sales and at home consumption. Since February, year-over-year growth of plant-based meat sales has greatly outstripped conventional meat.

The US is one of the leading countries in the vegan movement. Currently, the US vegan population is 3% of adults aged 18-29 years, 4% of those 30-49, 1% of those 50-64, and 3% of those over 65 years and the trend is increasing each year.

The global vegan food market value is estimated to reach around USD 24.3 billion by 2026 and will grow at CAGR above 9.1% over the forecast time frame.

The Addition of Modern Gyoza

Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) has announced the launch of its plant based Modern Gyoza.

Gyoza are dumplings filled with ground meat and vegetables and wrapped in a thin dough. They are also referred to as pot stickers.

The gyoza retains authentic Asian flavors, while replacing traditional animal protein found in most recipes with healthy vegan protein. In addition to launching the Modern Gyoza, Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) has agreed to a co-packing agreement for the gyoza with the capacity to produce up to 100,000 gyozas in a 7-hour shift!

The company has received significant positive feedback from new restaurant clientele and plans to distribute the gyoza through its existing food service channel in Canada, as well as the US. Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) will also be looking to feature and sponsor Asian themed events for increased awareness of the products.

Tara Haddad – CEO and Founder

Tara is an accountant and entrepreneur who has over twenty years of experience building successful companies in the public and private sector. She previously worked at Ernst and Young where she managed sectors in audit, tax and risk management. Currently, Tara provides strategic consulting to multiple companies, evaluating financial operations and overall corporate strategy. She also oversees large scale, high value property transactions, while creating companies that are viable and have a strong ethical mission for eduction, health and the environment.
Tara was the Founder and CEO of Aspire Learning Centre, an educational development company focused on math and language arts, before its successful buyout. Currently, she is a mentor in the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs Program (FWE), where she is an advocate for women in leadership roles. Tara holds a CPA-CA designation with a Bachelor of Science degree from Simon Fraser University.

Dino Renaerts – Development Chef

Dino Renaerts has firmly established himself as one of the west coast’s culinary leaders. Renaerts completed his education and training in Vancouver and has built a prolific career spanning over two decades that has seen him cook in a clutch of the city’s finest restaurants.
Today, Renaerts applies his talent and passion to his role as partner in The Bon Vivant Group, serving discerning clientele across the province. He also is currently is tasked to create new products for Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) . Studies at the Dubrulle French Culinary School and a three-year apprenticeship at the William Tell led to roles at Bishop’s and Le Gavroche. He later accepted executive chef positions at the Crown Plaza Hotel Georgia and the Metropolitan Hotel, home to the acclaimed Diva restaurant. Chef Dino was challenged to conceive several products for Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) which will be launched in 2020.

Zoë Sagorin – Development Chef

Zoë Sagorin is a certified Red Seal Chef, classically trained in French cuisine at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. However, her culinary palate spans across the world, including influences from Japan, South Africa and Italy. She prides herself on utilizing whole ingredients to create a depth of flavor in vegan dishes.
She now exercises that skill with the Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) Development Team to help bring those flavors to the world.

Craig Wallace - Head of Global Acquisitions

Mr. Wallace has over 30 years of capital markets experience, having held senior positions in advisory firms, Investment Banks and Private Equity Companies, including, Clarion Capital (managing director), the Macquarie Group (managing director), MGPA (Managing Director & global head of capital markets) and Spearhead Capital Partners (CEO). He has spearheaded transactions totaling more than $8 billion and has extensive relationships with global institutional capital and CEOs of leading public and private companies globally. He has also sat on numerous investee-company boards and global Investment & Credit Committees in which he has overseen more than $20 billion in approved transactions. He led MGPA's FUM growth, taking it from USD600 million to USD6 billion (equity) in a period of three years. Craig is a qualified Chartered Surveyor, under the Finance & Investment Pathway, and a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Chris Parkinson - Brand and Relationship manager

Mr. Parkinson has a 12-year record of achievement in the food business, having been directly responsible for annual sales targets in excess of $100 million. Chris also has extensive experience in co-packing, as well as product development and sales. During his tenure at SYSCO food services, one of the world's largest food service companies, he was a driving force in advancing sales and built a strong sales pipeline for the company.

Banker Campbell Becher - Head of Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions

Mr. Becher has led financings and M&A activity in his illustrious career totaling in the multi-billions of dollars. He has been in the finance industry for over 25 years holding top executive roles, including Managing Director at some of Canada's largest investment dealers. Mr. Becher was also the Founder and CEO of Byron Capital markets who founded the term "Electric Metals" just as companies began to transition to hybrid vehicles, being the first investment firm to vocally market the space.

In summary....

Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) has had many exciting developments in recent months and is making a big splash in the explosive plant-based food market!

Make sure to watch this informative video from the company here:

The meat industry has struggled to respond to the coronavirus outbreak which has spurred an even bigger interest of plant-based foods from shoppers.

Many shoppers had already been looking to plant-based diets to help combat climate change before the pandemic hit.

Plant-based meats are now finally competitive in price with ground beef and other traditional meats and the revolution is only starting!

Well known alternative meat company Beyond Meat has been reporting record sales and its stock price has been catapulting. The company went public on May 1, 2019, at $25 a share. Only three months later, the stock was already at $160 per share!

This could be the future that Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) may be looking forward to!

Facilitating expansion into the US market is a major growth initiative for the company and this could be just the ticket to creating a household name for itself in the burgeoning plant-based space!

According to the Good Food Institute (GFI), 2019 was a record-breaking year for plant-based meat, egg, and dairy companies in the U.S., who received more than $747 million in investments!

Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) is aiming to disrupt the industry using only real whole foods!

With a goal of winning over millions of conscious consumers at the supermarkets, this could be a ground-floor situation unfolding...

Modern Meat Inc. (CSE: MEAT | OTC: SUVRF) is poised to capitalize on the growing worldwide demand for plant-based products and may soon be discovered by Wall Street!

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